California Cremation Services and Costs:

Planning Ahead? Get Prepared now with all the paperwork and then fax only one page to us when the death occurs. We are here to help in your time of need with low cost cremation services.  If you are working with hospice care, you can begin the process now and return later.

More than 60% of people are now choosing cremation, even for Veterans. Our process makes it easy. You can complete the paperwork all online with a computer, tablet or smart phone in minutes!

When facing the death of a loved one, the high cost of a funeral can devastate a family. Funerals are too expensive. More families are choosing a cremation with an Urn at a memorial service as an alternative to a funeral because they can Save 70% off the cost of a traditional funeral.

We understand that you want a simple, non-intrusive cremation process, without confusing options, at a low price.

Our simple step by step process with video is unique.

When you click the Start Button, our video guide walks you through the cremation steps to complete the paperwork from the convenience of your home. You fill everything out online only once, and then print and fax only one page to us. You can print and review all documents in advance and share them with your family.

It is so easy to do, you can do this from the hospital or nursing home, using your smart phone or tablet. A Hospice nurse can help fill it out. The video guides you step by step through the process. There is only one page to print and fax.  You can print and fax from any office or Kinkos or Office Supply store. 

We have resources to help you with the cremation decisions. We’ve answered most of your cremation questions such as What is Cremation? and Why Cremation? in our frequently asked questions. We also provide an excellent guide how to plan a memorial service.



Low Cost Cremation Plans


For Cremation provides families with a low cost alternative to the traditional funeral services. We make cremation both affordable and easy.

Our Plans Include many items that are charged as Extra Fees by other Cremation Providers. Carefully review what is included when you compare theirs to our LOW COST cremation plan prices.

We show you our cremation prices up front, and you are in control of all the options. No hidden fees. No funeral salesperson trying to get you to spend more. No unplanned travel costs.

Thousands in Veterans Benefits go unclaimed for both the Veteran and their spouses! If your loved one is a Veteran, we have special services to honor him/her. Read More.

If your loved one is in Hospice care or facing end of life, you can begin the process now. We will save your file.

It's smart to plan ahead, but you don't need to join a high-priced funeral society. Our cremation prices are so low, most can pay with a credit card, or set aside funds in a special bank account earmarked to pay for your final arrangements. Unlike traditional funeral prepayment plans, the trust funds are easily transferred or withdrawn by the person you designate.

Cities in Southern California, Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County where we provide cremation services:

Aliso Viejo
Anaheim Hills
Buena Park
Catalina Island
Costa Mesa
Corona Del Mar
Coto de Caza
Dana Point
Dove Canyon
El Modena
Emerald Bay
Floral Park
Foothill Ranch
Fountain Valley

Garden Grove
Huntington Beach
Ladera Ranch
Laguna Beach
Laguna Hills
Laguna Niguel
Laguna Woods
La Habra
La Palma
Lake Forest
Lemon Heights
Los Alamitos
Los Angeles
Mission Viejo
Monarch Beach
Newport Beach
Newport Coast
Orange Hills

Orange Park Acres
Portola Hills
Rancho Santa Margarita
San Clemente
San Diego
San Juan Capistrano
Santa Ana
Santa Ana Hills
Seal Beach
South Coast Metro
Trabuco Canyon
Tustin Ranch
Villa Park
Yorba Linda

Top 10 Reasons
Here are the Top 10 Reasons to use our simple Step by Step Process for cremation:
1. SAVE  MONEY. Very affordable cremation services - among the lowest in the region. You are in control of all the costs. Save 70% off the cost of a traditional funeral.
2. IT's CONVENIENT. You can complete the process at your own time and pace, from the comfort of your home, in minutes, using a computer, smart phone, or tablet.
3. IT's EASY. Our video guide walks you through each step. We handle everything over the phone, or text messages or email with only one page to fax.
4. No rushed memorial service in a dated funeral home parlor.  Plan your own memorial service when family can gather.
5. No expensive funeral, graveside service, cemetery plot or funeral director. Just simple cremation services.
6. Work with professionals who have been in the cremation business for more than 20 years. We treat your family with respect.
7. Pay with credit cards. With our low costs, most can charge it and pay over time or settle the bill with the Estate. We don't ask for the credit card online, you include it when you fax one signature page to us.

8. No visit to a mortuary - no caskets to view. No salespeople trying to get you to spend more on funeral services.

9.  Take your time. Print the information to share with family, and come back to update it when ready.  We keep your information secure. No pre-payment needed, just choose the option to create an information file so that you can return to it later.
10. No travel expenses - Family will appreciate no unplanned airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, etc. No extra missed days of work to attend a funeral. We ship the Urn with cremains and death certificates. Plan a memorial service when everyone can gather.
We understand you have enough things to worry about. Let us show you how simple we have made this cremation process.
Yes, you can do this. Just click here to get started.
Cremation Urns

Within our cremation plan price we provide a Free basic utility urn to hold the cremains (ashes after cremation).  Click Here to See the Urns included with our Plans. Funerals don't have to be expensive. An Urn with a photo can replace a casket and save up to 70% off the cost of a traditional funeral.


Some families prefer to choose an urn from our selection for placing on a mantle, displaying with a photo at the memorial service, or as a keepsake. You can select an Urn during our Step by Step For Cremation process.

OR we also have a full printable  Catalog of Urns (PDF) that you can choose from (call for pricing).