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Click the play button below the video to listen to the video guide you through the process. Please begin by selecting the city where you need the services provided. This is where the person to be cremated is located. When you select the city you will see the price at the top of this page and a link for the General Price List. You can click on that and print out the prices. Please tell us who you are planning this cremation service for, so we can begin to fill out the forms in the background. All the forms will be automatically generated at the end, and you will be able to print them (if you create an information file). This is a very simple process. We'd also like to know your name and how we can contact you to answer your questions. If you would like us to save this information for you so you can share it with a family member or return later to update it, please enter a password and press the Create Information File link so we establish an account for you. Creating the file is Free, we don't ask for a credit card. We just need it to save your login and password information. We use your email address as the login and we will also use it to send your account confirmation. We keep your information secure and we don't share it with anyone - except for filing the forms with the state and appropriate agencies. Your name and the City is the only Required information on this form. If you just want to explore and see how simple this is, you can leave all the rest blank and click the Continue button at the bottom to move on to the next step.